Angela Harrison
by Angela Harrison

Angela is (right) one amazing woman; having been brought up in a family of mechanics, she decided to continue with the same work. She has impressed her clients due to her resilience and clean work.

image1There are so many aspects you need to think about when it comes to the maintenance of your vehicle. Some are minor and some are major but they all contribute to having a vehicle in full legal and safe working order. Keeping your vehicles in good order can cost quite a bit but when you need your vehicle for important things you have to fork out the money. Taking your vehicle to a licensed mechanic can get quite pricy just to have the issue diagnosed when something isn’t working properly. Proper maintenance will really help prevent a lot of extra expenses but it is an expense itself. So if you know what the issue is and its minor why not try and get the right part and learn how to perform the fix on your own. Many people go through life wasting money to go get things done to their car that they are capable of doing themselves. How about today you learn how to do something that will save you a little money and leave you feeling a little better about doing things on your own. Doing this will also allow you to drive your car again because although this is just a small issue it’s something that needs to be in working order to be legal and safe.

image3Today you’re going to learn what to do if you need a head light bulb replaced and how to figure out which one needs to be replaced. We will also go over the fact that just as there are different models of vehicles, there are different types of light bulbs for your vehicle. We will also check the lights on your car. We will start off by opening up your car door and turning on your car lights. The car I have here will be what I’m using as an example for you. So I’ve opened the door and flicked on the lights. On this car you can see very clearly that a front headlight is out. All of the headlights and corner lights are on, on the passenger side of the car but then when we look over at the left side we can see that the low beam between the high beam and corner light is burned out. Now we have identified which lightbulb needs to be replaced and we can continue on our bulb changing journey.

image2There are different types of bulbs that are used for different functions. The corner or park lights are for indicating a turn on the side it’s located. They are also used at dusk or twilight for driving lights. The low beam light which is the one we need to change, is for regular driving conditions at night or in the city with driving with regular traffic. Then we have the high beam which we use specifically on rural roads where there are no other ambient lights or on-coming traffic. Some cars also have fog lights which this car does have and they are lower to the ground at the front of each side of the vehicle. This car needs a low beam headlight bulb so in the next video I will show you how to access the head light bulb to change it.