When Animals Run in Front of You

Elina Michaels
by Elina Michaels

Elina is a mechanical engineering attached to a major showroom. She has been in practice for two years now and likes operating on fords.

image1In today’s world there are so many things to deal with from making sure your kids are ready for school, your teeth are brushed, and you have everything you need, to making sure your vehicle is in good working order and many more things. When you’re driving down the road, the last thing that comes to mind that is going to happen is that an animal is going to run out in front of your vehicle. When a wild animal enters a roadway it’s always unexpected. Their behaviour is erratic and far from predictable. If it’s a deer, squirrel, or even a dog, drivers can avoid getting in a motor vehicle accident with any animal by knowing what to do and what not to do.

image2The first thing you need to be doing that applies to all driving is to keep alert and use your eyes to continually scan the road ahead. Intently scanning around you and ahead of you on the road will help to provide you with more time to react if an animal is spotted in your driving path. Although animals in the road way happen all over the world, it is in the more rural and forested areas that wild animals running into the road is very common and it is a serious traffic problem. The behaviour of a wild animal in the road is very unpredictable and the size of a wild animal varies from as small as a squirrel to as large as a moose. Either way they can do big damage if you’re not prepared to drive defensively. When you’re driving, especially in areas that are more wooded, be alert for wild animals at all times. Although you should always be on the look-out, the times you really need to be most careful to look out for wild animals are dusk, dawn, and night-time.

The species of wild animal you need to be on the look-out for in particular are deer. They are the most common animal to be struck in the road way. When you’re driving at night and there is no oncoming traffic make sure to use your high beam headlights to properly illuminate the road ahead. It will help you see further and possibly spot animals sooner. Having a good range of visibility at night could allow time to slow down, change lanes, or image3honk to scare the animal out of the way. Unfortunately these things aren’t always plausible. If a collision is unavoidable, apply the brakes firmly and remain in your lane. Swerving to avoid a wild animal in the road could result in a very dangerous off road accident. Swerving on the road increases the chance of you and your passengers being injured dramatically. If you have tried to avoid an animal and ended up crashing, be sure to notify your local law enforcement immediately. Make sure you record the incidents date, time, and location. Also take pictures to record any damage for insurance purposes. Weather an animal is large or small, quick or slow, all animals pose a risk for drivers but if you use these tips to be prepared for any animal that could run in front of you, you, your passengers, and hopefully the animal, may have a better chance of avoiding it unscathed.