Wheel Alignments and Improving Fuel Mileage

Kelvin Kimani
by Kelvin Kimani

Meet Kelvin a competent mechanic who has operated on many machines in his line of work. He hopes to work for a few more years and then set up his own garage

Today we are image1going to discuss how to maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and really prolong the life of your tires by having the wheel alignment of your vehicle checked and adjusted. This is very important because when all four wheels are improperly aligned you create a rolling resistance between the road surface and the tires of your vehicle. This is not something you want happening. It causes your vehicle to work harder just to get from point A to point B. If your vehicle has to be pushed harder by the engine because of this constant struggle it will guzzle your gas away and really wear out your tire treads quickly.image3 A wheel alignment is a good thing to get done any time you have new tires installed. Hitting a pothole or curb could also knock your wheels out of alignment. Signs of this are if your steering wheel seems a little off from the direction of your tires. It may seem loose or off center. You might even feel the resistance of the tires while your steering which will overall make it more difficult to drive. Always have a trained professional do your alignment even if you or someone else image2uncertified has changed your tires. It’s not something that is easily done without the right equipment and garages today have tons of gadgets to do the job efficiently. Another time a wheel alignment is a good idea is if you’ve purchased a second hand vehicle and you aren’t 100% sure of its history. It’s always good to get it checked out right away to make sure it’s safe and you didn’t waste your money.

The springs on your vehicle are a part of its suspension system which helps give you a smoother and more comfortable ride when driving. Springs come in many different shapes and sizes but there is one thing they all have in common. The weight of a vehicle causes them to sag over time. This can be a difficult thing image4to notice to someone untrained in mechanics because this is a gradual issue that happens slowly over time. As your vehicles springs start to sag, its wheel alignment will change. Just to remind you, when your alignment is off it will cause your fuel consumption to increase because of the extra pulling and it will eat the tread off your tires quickly and unevenly. While there are provisions for minor image5adjustments of the alignment, if you have a bent or broken vehicle parts it will require being replaced before an alignment can be done successfully. Doing a proper wheel alignment on your vehicle requires special equipment and specialized training and in some cases it also requires special tools as well. A wheel alignment is a special service that very few people can do on their own so they more often than not take their vehicle to a repair facility to do for them. Getting an alignment will cost you but it will end up saving you money in gas and wear on your tires so it’s very worth it.