Surviving Holiday Travel

James Cameron
by James Cameron

James is the owner and mechanic in a garage in downtown South Africa. He has recruited professional mechanics who works with him in the garage.

image1Millions of families choose to drive to their holiday celebrations during the year. Weather you’re on the way to the beach, to your favorite vacation destination or celebrating with your family I’ve got a few tips for you on just how to survive it. These simple tips can make your holiday drive a safe and smooth one. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, many people are distracted by making sure they have everything they need and having everyone ready for the trip to remember to check out their vehicle to make sure it’s ok for the trip too. Make sure you arrive at your destination safely and without incident by having your vehicle properly maintained. If the maintenance is not up to date on your car, have it inspected before you take a long drive. Always make sure your tires are inspected as well. When you’re getting ready to take a trip, the most efficient way to drive is to map your route before you go. Since it’s the holidays you need to keep in mind that the roads will be busy with holiday traffic and image2you might very well benefit by taking an alternate, less busy route. What seems like a shorter distance may end up taking you a lot longer to get where you want to go because of traffic. Planning to take the scenic route might actually save you some time and it will be a lot prettier than a traffic jam.

image4During the holidays it is inevitable that there will be some traffic wherever you’re going but there might be even more at certain times. If it’s an option, maybe try to leave earlier or later to avoid rush hour traffic as well. Holidays sometimes bring a present exchange that can sometimes be very pricey. If you’re going to see your loved ones you’ll probably have some gifts to exchange. Try to keep anything of value in the trunk of your vehicle or a covered storage area, especially when you’re on a really long trip and you need to stop for a meal. Leaving expensive items on display can invite a burglar to try and make away with your valuables. If you have your home address programmed into your GPS then reprogram it for a public location near your home.This is good to do because if anyone were to steal your car, the GPS could lead them straight to your home to take what they want as well.  Someone’s temptation could very well end up your disappointment. Whenever you’re traveling with children, always remind them not to talk to strangers. Always go with them when they need bathroom breaks and give them whistles to be used if you family ever gets separated. If you have any incident on the road it’s important to have your roadside assistance information handy. Keep your cellphone and charger with you at all times when driving in case of any emergencies. With a little preparation you can have a stress free drive to enjoy the holidays with your families.image3