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Kelvin Kimani

Meet Kelvin a competent mechanic who has operated on many machines in his line of work. He hopes to work for a few more years and then set up his own garage

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Wheel Alignments and Improving Fuel Mileage

Kelvin Kimani

Today we are going to discuss how to maximize the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and really prolong the life of your tires by having the wheel alignment of your vehicle checked and adjusted. This is very important because when all four wheels are improperly aligned you create a rolling resistance between the road surface...

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Hyundai Sonata Performance Review

Kelvin Kimani

Hyundai sonata performance review with positive behavior The general public is the gathering of some individuals that are available with one another with a few sentiments and representations. These sentiments are most effective for those individuals that need to live with substantial relations in the general public. These individuals are additionally ready to understand the...